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Attention Fellow Junkers!

Thank you for helping us continue our mission to be "Foster Parents to Junk" by giving these items a permanent home. 
It means a lot to us!
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​*Want a reasonable and effective way to advertise your business and/or services? Blue Elephant Outdoor Advertising offers an opportunity to 'show off' what your business does by putting a sign on the North or South side of our building. Call us for more information and check out our Outdoor Advertiser page to see who has already signed up!

*Yes, winter is here and hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! 

*We are busy doing inside projects. Those will keep us busy until we open up again. 

*Welcome to our newest Outdoor Advertiser--RahmTech Anti Virus & Patch Management Solutions in Veedersburg, IN. Call 765-294-0930

*Well the weather has been versatile this winter...Cold, ice, not much snow, warm, windy and thunderstorms. Welcome to Indiana!

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